Capri Corner Sofa

Capri measurements.JPG

Modern in style, the Capri Corner Suite is the king of sofa beds. This impressive couch is available in both Right Hand Facing and Left Hand Facing and is covered entirely in a Nabuk fabric.


The Capri has adjustable headrests which can be easily upturned or flattened if desired. The Sofa bed feature is simple to activate, one only needs to pull it out using the two straps provided and the sofa will transform itself (as shown from the photos.)


The sofa bed also has a standalone ottoman which can be used for storage of blankets and other items and this is also coated in a Nabuk fabric. The Sofa stands on solid metal feet to support the structure and has a unique button design on the seating area.


Mon - Sat : 09:30 - 18:30

Sun : Closed